As promised...

"Here Are The Links To The Free 60 Page Report, Audio And Video Files On The First Magic Move To Winning Golf"

"You can now download the report and audio files by following the instructions below. Please make a note of this web page address so that you can re-visit the page if you get disconnected whilst downloading"

Firstly download the ebook and then decide whether you want to download the MP3 file to play on your PC or burn to CD or download the 1 M4B audiobook file for use on your iPod. Obviously you can do both if you want.

To download the files, please right-click on the links below and select 'save link as' or 'save target as'. Once downloaded, just double-click the file to play the audio with your default MP3 or M4B software, such as Windows Media Player, RealPlayer or iTunes.

Note that if you left-click on the links below, they will be played using your default MP3 software but they will NOT be downloaded to your computer. Please ensure you RIGHT-CLICK to download.

When you right click you will see a number of options appear, as displayed in the image below.

Please click on the "Save Target As ..." option (highlighted in blue above). Automatically your computer will offer a folder it can download the file to, if you want you change this to another one please do so.

Next click on the "Save" button. This will start downloading the ebook or audio file to the selected folder on your computer.

Ebook - "The First Four Chapters To The Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf including the First Move"

Right click here to download the RIGHT Handed Version of the ebook - 821kb

Right click here to download the LEFT Handed version of the ebook - 874kb

Please Note: This file is in PDF format and can be read using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Most computers already have this installed. The latest version can be downloaded for free from this link.

Video - "The New First Magic Move To Winning Golf"

The instructional part of this video starts at 47 seconds into the video. Before that is a golfer from Australia talking about his improvement with just this first magic move. Enjoy!


Audio - "The New First Magic Move To Winning Golf"

The audio version of can be played online now or downloaded in a number of different formats.

Click on Play To Listen To Audio:

Download the 32kbps / 22khz MP3 file to your PC:

Chapter 4. The First Magic Move - The Backswing - 18:38 mins - 4.4MB

Download the 32kbps / 22khz M4B audiobook file to iTunes and play on your iPod:

Chapter 4. The First Magic Move - The Backswing - 18:38 mins - 4.6MB


Continue Reading About The First Magic Move

Your Golfing Success,

Andy Anderson

P.S. I urge you try the first magic move out and see how it can start to make a real difference to your game. Then when you're ready to get the next 3 magic moves simply go here and order.

The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf

© Andy Anderson
St Andrews, Fife and Ulverston,Cumbria

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